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British Airways Plan Pilot Strike

The British Airline Pilots Association has confirmed that British Airways pilots will strike for three days next month. The pilots will strike on the 9th, 10th and 27th of September. BALPA has warned that further strike dates could be announced. The airline has said it will make changes to its schedule to accommodate as many passengers as possible.

Australia – Virgin Australia Bans Apple Mac’s

Following a worldwide recall in June 2019 by Apple on MacBoook Pros, Virgin Australia has banned all Apple MacBooks from checked luggage. The airline requires all MacBook laptops, irrespective of model to be placed in carry-on luggage. Apple issued the recall due to the older units being at risk of overheating and causing fires. Virgin Australia has banned all MacBook models from checked lug-gage due to the difficulty in identifying different models. Qantas has implemented a similar ban, but only for the MacBook Pro models recalled by Apple.

United Kingdom – 3d Baggage Scanners

All major UK airports will have 3D cabin baggage security scanners by The 1st of December 2022 in order to meet the requirement set by the UK government. Heathrow is already spending £50m to roll out the technology and started trials back in 2017 to test the technology. The Department for Transport in the UK says the 3D scanning technology could mean that in future passengers will be able to keep liquids and electrical equipment like laptops in cabin baggage while it is screened. There is also the chance that the 100ml liquid limit might no longer apply once the scanners are in place and passengers could carry liquids such as a bottle of water through security.

Kenya Airways Adds Cape Town Flight

Kenya Airways is adding two more direct flights to its Cape Town-Nairobi service from the 27th of October. The flights join the three existing weekly flights on the route. The flights are in addition to those already operating via Livingstone and Victoria Falls bringing the total to 12 weekly flights added to the Cape Town network.

DRC/Rwanda – Reopen the Border

Rwanda has reopened its border with DR Congo. The border was closed after the confirmation of a third death from Ebola in the Congolese city of Goma. About 12 new cases are being reported every day in Democratic Republic of Congo the World Health Organization (WHO) reports.

Thailand – Six Bombs Explode in Bangkok

A total of six bombs exploded at three locations in Bangkok and one explosive device was recovered before it blew up. The blasts were heard shortly after 09h00 as the Thai capital hosted a Southeast Asian security meeting attended by top officials. Three bombs exploded at the Government Complex in Chaeng Wattana and one failed to go off. Two others exploded in the Chong Nonsi area.

Spain Security Alert

Travellers are advised to remain vigilant to the risk of theft and criminal schemes including pickpocketing in major urban centres and a flat tyre or pull-over scams on roadways across Spain.

Kenya Airways Adds Cape Town Flight

South African Airways is growing its presence in Ghana by increasing weekly frequencies between Johannesburg and Accra from nine to ten flights effective of the 5th of September 2019.

SAA Adds More Accra Flights

Qatar Airways will launch a new service to Gaborone and Botswana, via Johannesburg starting on the 27th of October 2019.

Sa Express Flights to Continue

SA Express flights are set to re-commence after all flights were cancelled. The airline cites ‘operational reasons’ as the cause for the cancellations.

Powerful Volcano Eruption in Italy

Frightened tourists watched lava cascade down the sides of the volcano on Italy’s Stromboli Island after a powerful eruption sent a huge cloud of ash into the sky. Water-bombing aircraft were deployed to the island and could be seen scooping water out of the sea to out small wildfires on the sides of the mountain.



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