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Emirates Introduces Smart Luggage Restrictions

Emirates Airline is the latest major carrier to place restrictions on smart baggage following similar restrictions by Delta, American and Cathay Pacific. The restrictions bring Emirates in line with Iata regulations on smart baggage, which define it as baggage that includes lithium ion batteries, motors, power banks, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, WiFi capabilities or RFID technology. Emirates restrictions are for cabin baggage, smart bags are allowed in the cabin if the battery is removable and the bag is within cabin baggage size and weight limits the battery can remain installed as long as the smart bag is completely powered off, if the battery is not removable the smart bag cannot be carried on an Emirates flight. Checked baggage, smart bags are allowed as checked baggage if the battery is removed and carried in the cabin.

Ethiopian Airlines Launches Two New Routes

Ethiopian Airlines will be flying to two new cities in the Democratic Republic of Congo – Kisangani and Mbuji-Mayi from March 2018.

South Africa – Listeriosis Outbreak

The cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth have insisted that drinking water in the metropolitan areas is safe for consumption following a surge in Listeriosis outbreaks. The municipality can confirm that the water coming out of taps is safe to drink. Listeriosis is a serious, but preventable and treatable disease found in soil, water, vegetation and some animal faces. Animal products including meat, dairy, seafood and fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, can all be contaminated. Pregnant women, the elderly, babies and people with compromised immune systems are most at risk.

Yellow Fever Threatens Sao Paulo

The World Health Organization is warning that São Paulo Brazil is a risk area for Yellow Fever. The World Health Organization recommends that all travelers visiting the country are inoculated prior to their visit. The warning comes after a significant rise in the number of suspected and confirmed cases of Yellow Fever.

New Premium Lounge Opens in Madrid Airport

Iberia has opened the newly refurbished Velazquez Premium Lounge in the T4 satellite building at Madrid airport. The lounge has been expanded by 25% and can now accommodate up to 500 passengers. Unlimited Wi-Fi is available along with USB charging ports built into lounge chairs and restaurant tables. The dining areas are larger and there are six shower cabins equipped with all the amenities. The lounge will soon have Smart Touch TVs, informing passengers of services at all times.

Capago Rolls Out Mobile Biometric

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a new initiative, which sees Capago South Africa offering travelers the option of applying for a French Schengen visa from their homes or offices. For an additional fee, Capago will process visa applications and biometric data offsite with the help of French Mobile Biometric Solutions. The French Consulate General will upon Approval issue the visa which can then be delivered by Capago to the applicant’s chosen Postnet office.

United Kingdom – BA to Move to Non-Reclining Seats

British Airways announced that in an effort to be able to offer passengers lower ticket prices it will be fitting non-reclining seats in economy class in its 35 new aircraft later this year. The seats are set at what is being called a ‘gentle recline’ to ensure all passengers are comfortable without encroaching on the limited space of the passengers around them. Only short-haul flights of four hours or less will have the new seats.

Cape Town Airport Clamp Down on Water Usage

Lounges at Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) have implemented water-saving strategies in light of the water crisis in the city. The Slow Lounge has closed all showers in its domestic and international lounges at the airport. They are also encouraging water saving for those who use the toilets and basins through signage in their bathrooms. They could not confirm when the showers would reopen or if the tap water would be cut off when the fast-approaching Day Zero arrives.




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